Anger Management Education

Since 1994, Bernard Golden has provided education and psychotherapy related to anger management throughout the Chicago area. His goal is to help you overcome your destructive emotions by cultivating “healthy anger”. Following practices in healthy anger will allow you to improve your relationships with loved ones, at work, in your daily life, and with yourself.

Your Basic Anger Management Class (Not currently available)

This 3-session class (1-1/2 hours each session) presents a model to help foster an understanding of anger and a variety of strategies to constructively manage it. Classes feature 3 to 8 participants, and promotes sharing and learning in a safe and comfortable setting. The format involves presentation, shared discussion and the practice of specific skills and is adapted to the unique needs of each individual. Constructive feedback and monitoring are a part of each session.

Individual Sessions: a One-on-One Option

Many people do not feel comfortable sharing personal information and thoughts in a group setting.
Bernard Golden understands this, and is available to meet with you in a one-on-one session. For your convenience, he provides this personal focus to teach you how to manage your anger.

Teaching You the Benefits of Practicing Healthy Anger

Anger is a natural emotion for all humans. In some cases, anger can be a good thing, and can protect you, your relationships, and the way you interact with the world. Learning to practice these positive forms of anger is an important step in your management, and can help you with the following:

  • Calm Your Body in Order to Calm Your Mind
  • Become Less Reactive to Your Thoughts and Feelings
  • Recognize Key Thoughts and Thinking That Make You Vulnerable to Anger Arousal
  • Identify and Sit with Negative Feelings without Impulsively Acting on Them
  • Recognize Key Desires That Are behind Your Anger
  • Increase Your Connection with Yourself: Your Feelings, Thoughts and Your Body
  • Develop Communication Skills That Are Assertive Rather than Aggressive
  • Recognize and Alter Expectations That Make You Vulnerable to Anger
  • Learn to Recognize and Reduce Feeling Threatened When No Real Threat Exists
  • Recognize the Role Shame, Anxiety, and Depression May Play in Destructive Anger

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